Last Updated: 04/24/16

Welcome to Andy Huntoon's Want List and Trade Site


1. Prewar Jersey City Skeeters stuff (cards, photos, postcards, etc)

2. T206's with any type of stamp on the back

3. T206 HOFers

4. 1954 Topps

5. 1966 Topps

6. 1970's Topps (1970, 1971, 1972, 1973)

7.  Baseball Postage Stamps

8. 1920 W516 w/ Becker/Prize backs 

9. 1977 Topps Cloth Stickers (Need Schmidt and Ryan)

10. 1964 Topps Giants

11. 1968 Atlantic Oil

12. Saginaw Gears IHL Hockey (1972 - 1983)

13. Jim "The Toy Cannon" Wynn Player Collection

14. Prewar Type Collection

Update 02/03/16:

I've added several new sets to my Other and Non Sports section.  I added 6 new boxing sets and 7 new non sports sets.  The boxing sets are T218, T220, T225, E75, E76 & E79.  The non sports are two strip sets; both are Charlie Chaplin sets, and 5 caramel sets including E3, E27, E40, E43 & E47.  Please take a look and see if you can help out at all.  These are not the most common sets so I'm not expecting a lot of hits to them, but I wanted to list them anyway.

About Me

I collected cards as a kid in the 80's and gave it up in the 90's when cards became really shiny and there were more and more different sets coming out every year.  I picked it up again just after college around 1999 when I picked up some vintage stuff for the first time.  I decided back then that no matter how long it took, I would finish a set of 1954 Topps and since then I have picked up a few cards every year.  I got really into prewar cards for several years and I'm still actively collecting them.  I'm also working on a few vintage sets which is why I've created this site.  I've got my wants listed here. 


I've added some pages to my site to show some of my collection so you can see some of my interests listed at the left.  I collect T206 back stamps for instance, so I've added some images of some of these as examples of what I'm talking about.  Same thing with the W516 Becker Backs.  I've been interested in T206s with stamps on the back for a long time now and have an interactive online project documenting all the various stamps that I've seen.  You can visit the project here.  Many of the examples on this site are from my personal collection, however most of them are either images I've seen online or have been submitted by other collectors to be included in the project.


I look forward to hearing from you, so please don't hesitate to email and say hi.  Talk to you later! 


12/01/12 Update:

Well I've accomplished my goal of joining an online trading group and I couldn't be more excited and happy about it. OBC Rules!  My trading and set building has just taken off lately and I look forward to helping all these great guys out over the years.  My dupes box is growing and I've already been able to hit several want lists to help out other collectors.  Thank you to everyone who has welcomed me into this great part of the hobby.  I am truly grateful.

Condition requirements:

I am not very concerned with condition of my cards.  Most of my vintage cards are in poor to vg condition and I'm happy trading at this level.  I don't like to get too caught up in higher grades and values.  I prefer to trade commons in low grade for commons in low grade and stars for stars, but will consider all trades.  I want to meet collectors who believe in the common goodness that transcends investment grade cards and "flipping" cards for money.  Basically, I'm just hoping to meet some nice people to share the hobby with.


Contact me at:



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