There was a great article in the this issue of Old Cardboard about Baseball Postage Stamps as collectibles.  There were 19 different stamps identified as being issued prior to 1950.  Surprisingly the first ever baseball themed postage stamp was not a US stamp, but rather the 1934 Philippines stamp commemorating the 10th Far Eastern Championship Games of 1934.  The first US baseball stamp was issued 5 years later in 1939 commemorating what was believed to be the 100th anniversary of the invention of baseball in Cooperstown in 1839. 

I've been able to acquire all but one of these stamps from before 1950.  The 1935 Colombia issue is difficult to find as a single as it is usually found included in a complete set of 16 multi-sport series valued around $1,000.

I've posted images of the stamps I currently have in my collection which include modern stamps as well.  I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

 Pre-1950 Issues


    1934 Philippines (1st ever baseball stamp)                                                                     1937 Nicaragua - Complete Set


                     1938 Panama                                                 1939 United States                                                      1939 United States Plate Block


1944 Venezuela - Complete Set


                                                                1948 Japan                                                                                               1948 Nicaragua

Post-1950 Issues






International Issues



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