Save your tablet fronts and win a prize  L.A. Becker

Here are my examples from the W516 set that have the Becker Back or Prize Back.

Many years ago a teacher named L.A. Becker took a bunch of what would later be known as W516 and wrote the following on the backs of them:

 "Save your tablet fronts and win a prize  L.A. Becker"

I have always assumed that students could collect these cards for doing something good in class and then they could redeem them for prizes from the teacher.  We did similar things when I was in school so I thought this made sense.  What fascinates me about these cards is the idea that one teacher, so long ago, wrote this message on these cards and they have survived all these years.  How many could she have possibly made of these cards?  25? 50?  How rare must they be in reality?  When I think about the W515's with the Fleer back and how those bring such a premium, I think about how those were mass produced (at least compared to these) and how rare they are these days.  Anyway, I just really like these a lot, so if you have one and you're willing to part with it, please contact me.

I do have one dupe I would trade if you have one I don't have and just care about having a type of these.  I'd be happy to trade my dupe for yours so you'd still have an example.




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