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Other Sports Section


  W529 Boxing Strip Set - WANTS

   4/10 - 40% Complete

   Last Hits:

2  4  5  6  8  9

  T218 Champions - WANTS

    23/150 - 11% Complete

   Last Hits: Carl Mura, TJ Valacak, Jake Elwell, David Luftig x3, Wayne Delia, Mike Glasser, Bob Donaldson, Cap Anson, Linda Fitak

Abe Goodman

Abel Kiviat

Ad Wolgast

Al Delmont

Al Kaufman

Albert Cutler

Albert Cutler/Framed Portrait

Alex Dunbar

Alex Smith

Alfredo De Oro

Andrew Glarner

Arch Hoxsey

Battling Hurley

Bert Keyes

Billy West

Budd Goodwin

C.C. Steinert

C.D. Trubenbach

C.M. Daniels/Head To Waist

Calvin Demarest

Charles Eyton/Referee

Charles K. Hamilton

Charley Griffin

Chas J. Bacon Jr

Clarence B. Tippett

Cowboy Charles Weston

Dave Deschler

Dick Hyland

E.J. Sweeney

Eddie Walsh

Edward Payson Weston

Emilo Lunghi

F. Herreshoff

Fighting Dick Nelson

Findlay Douglas

Frank C. Irons

Frank Klaus

Frankie Conley

Fred Meadows

Fred Welsh

George Gardiner

George J. Obermeyer

George Low

George Sutton

George Sutton/Framed Portrait

Gil Nicholls

Glenn Riddell

H.E. Gissing

Hans Holmer

Harry Cline

Harry Haywood Jr.

Harry Jensen

Harry Lewis

Harry Porter

Harry Stone

Honey Mellody

J.A. Ruddy

J.B. Moisant

J.L. Hartranft

Jack Eller

Jack Hobens

Jack Johnson/Front View

Jack Johnson/Side View

Jack Twin Sullivan

James Crowley

James J. Jeffries

James Jeffries

James P. Sullivan

James Rector

Jem Driscoll

Jerome Keogh/Framed Portrait

Jim Stewart

Jimmy Gardner

Jimmy Walsh

Joe Gans

Joe Jeannette

John Daly/Framed Portrait

John Flanagan/Full Length

John Flanagan/Head To Waist

Johnny Coulon

Johnny Hayes

Johnny Marto

Johnny Summers/Seated

Johnny Summers/Standing

Joseph Jordan/Rollerskater

Knock-Out Brown

Lawson Robertson

Leach Cross

Lee R. Johns/Framed Portrait

M.J. McGrath

Martin Sheridan

Matty Baldwin

Melvin W. Sheppard/Side Face

Mike Twin Sullivan

Ora Morningstar

Ora Morningstar/Framed Portrait

Owen Moran

Packey McFarland

Patsy Brannigan

Patsy Kline

Paul Pilgrim

Percy Sellen

Phil McGovern

Philadelphia Jack O Brien

Platt Adams

R.E. Frizelle

Ralph Johnstone

Ray C. Ewry

Robert Cloughen

S.P. Gilles

Sailor Burke

Sam Langford

Stanley Ketchell

Thomas Hueston

Thomas O Callaghan

Thure Johansson

Tom Collins

Tommy Murphy

Tommy O Keefe

Tommy O Toole

Unk Russell

W.J. Keating

Walter Lee

William Heins

Willie Hoppe

Willie Hoppe/Framed Portrait

Willie Lewis

Young Corbett

Young Donahoe

Young Nitchie

  T220 Champions - WANTS

    15/50 - 24% Complete

   Last Hits:  David Luftig x3, Linda Fitak

Bob Fitzsimmons

Charlie Goldman

Charlie Mitchell

Fight Between J. Heenan/T. Sayers

Fight Between J. Jeffries/T. Sharkey

Fight Between J. Sullivan/J. Kilrain

Fight Between Randall/Belasco

Freddie Welsh

Jack Dempsey

Jack Goodman

Jack McAuliffe

Jack O'Brien

James J. Corbett

Jem Mace

Joe Choynski

Joe Coburn

Joe Gans

Joe Wagner

John L. Sullivan

Johnny Frayne

Kid Lavigne

Kid McCoy

Leach Cross

Mike Donovan

Mike Donovan Of Today

Peter Jackson

Peter Maher

Tom Sharkey

Tommy Burns

Tommy Ryan

Tug Wilson

Willie Beecher

Young Corbett

Young Erne

Young Griffo

   1910-11 T225 Khedival (Khedivial, Surburg) - WANTS

   9/25 - 32% Complete

   Last Hits: David Luftig x2, Brian Lindholme

Abe Attell

Abe Kid Goodman

Battling Nelson

Dick Hyland

Harry Lewis

James J. Barry

Jas. J. Jeffries

Jim Stewart

Joe Jeanette

Johnny Coulon

Leach Cross

Marvin Hart

Mike Sullivan

Stanley Ketchel

Tommy Murphy

Young O'Leary

   1909 E75 American Caramel (All Caps) - WANTS

   2/21 - 9.5% Complete

    Last Hits:

2   Jimmy Britt

3   Tommy Burns

4   Jim Corbett

5   George Dixon

6   Bob Fitzsimmons

7   Joe Gans

8   Marvin Hart

9   Jim Jeffries

10   Jack Johnson

11   Stanley Ketchell

12   Harry Lewis

14   Kid McCoy

15   Terry McGovern

16   Jack Munroe

17   Battling Nelson

18   Jack Obrien

19   Tom Sharkey

20   John L Sullivan

21   Joe Walcott

  1910 E76 American Caramel - WANTS

  1/20 - 5% Complete

   Last Hits: Carl Mura

Battling Nelson

George Dixon

George Gardner

Gus Ruhlin

J. Sullivan

Jack Munroe

Jack O'Brien

James J. Corbett

James J. Jeffries

Joe Choynski

Joe Gans

Joe Walcott

Kid McCoy

Marvin Hart

Peter Maher

R. Fitzsimmons

T. Sharkey

Terry McGovern

Young Corbett

  1910 E79 Philadelphia Caramel - 27 Scrappers - WANTS

  2/21 - 10% Complete

  Last Hits:

2   Tommy Burns

3   Young Corbett

5   Gans/Nelson

6   Marvin Hart

7   Joe Jeanette

8   James Jeffries

9   Jack Johnson

10   Johnson/Burns

11   Johnson/Cole

12   Kaufman/Sullivan

13   Stanley Ketchell

14   Sam Langford

15   Marto/Nelson

16   O'Brien/Fighting Partner

17   Rawlins Delivering Right Hand Swing

18   Sharkey Receiving Right To Body

19   Mike Twin Sullivan

20   Fist/Right Way

21   Fist/Wrong Way

    1976 Topps Hockey Glossy (Round Corners) - NEEDS

    15/22 - 68% Complete

    Last Hits: Ken Morganti, Jake Elwell, Ken Pillion, Taylor Schock

1 2 3 6 11 14  20

     1977 Topps Hockey Glossy (Round Corners) - NEEDS

     21/22 - 95% Complete

      Last Hits:Jake Elwell


     1977 Topps Hockey Glossy (Square Corners) - COMPLETED!

      22/22 - 100% Complete

       Last Hits:


     1977 OPC Hockey Glossy (Round Corners) - COMPLETED!

      22/22 - 100% Complete

      Last Hits: Ken Morganti


      1977 OPC Hockey Glossy (Square Corners) - COMPLETED!

      22/22 - 100% Complete

      Last Hits:

 Non-Sport Section

I'm not working on many Non-Sports sets, but I do collect any strip cards of US Presidents.  The W563 set is the only one I have examples from that I know the name of the set.  This is a 10 card set and I currently have a complete set in uncut strip form.  I'm working on the set in cut form as well.  I would trade for any US President strip card form any other set also.


   W563 - WANTS

   6/10 - 60% Complete

Grant, Lincoln, Jefferson, Washington

  Examples from other sets that I currently have:


Charlie Chaplin strip cards




   W539 Charlie Chaplin - Numbered - WANTS

   8/10 - 80% Complete

       Last Hits:

   1. How do you do

   2. New Hat Rack

   3. Murder - Police (HAVE)

   4. Run for life (HAVE)

   5. Stop Louis (HAVE)

   6.Getting the Hook (HAVE)

   7. Safety First (HAVE)

   8. Quickest way pays (HAVE)

   9. Fare please (HAVE)

   10. Paid! (HAVE)  

  Unclassified Charlie Chaplin - Unnumbered Straight - WANTS

  12/14 - 86% Complete

     Last Hits:

A Lucky Find (HAVE)

Beat It (facing left) (HAVE)

Beat It (facing right)

Dream of Revenge (HAVE)

Free Lodging (Red) (HAVE)

Free Lodging (Yellow)

Happy Home (HAVE)

Home Comforts (HAVE)

A Job For The Glazier (facing right) (HAVE)

A Job For The Glazier (facing left) (HAVE)

Pancakes for Breakfast (HAVE)

Putting it Over (Red) (HAVE)

Putting it Over (Blue) (HAVE)

Stuck in the Mustard (HAVE)

  Unclassified Charlie Chaplin - Unnumbered Slanted - WANTS

  2/20 - 10% Complete

   Last Hits:


At the Hospital

Fooling the Cops

Foe a Night’s Lodging

Get Out of Here!

The Girl he Loves

Good Morning

Going Home

The Heavenly Dream

Into His Both

Lunch Hour

Making a Living

Out for a Stroll


Running for Cover


Table Manners

The Troublemaker

Other Non-Sports

   E27 American Caramels - Teddy's Trophies - WANTS

   4/30 - 13% Complete

   Last Hits:



Black Snake




















Wild Boar

Wild Cow



  E3 American Caramel - Navy Caramels - WANTS

   11/21 - 52% Complete

   Last Hits: Andy Cook (DS)

U.S. Battleship Connecticut

U.S. Battleship Louisiana

U.S. Battleship Michigan

U.S. Battleship Missouri

U.S. Battleship New Jersey

U.S. Battleship Ohio

U.S. Cruiser Washington

U.S.S. North Carolina

U.S.S. Torpedo Destroyer

U.S. Torpedo Boat Tingey

  1910 E40 Philadelphia Caramel - Airships - WANTS

   0/15 - 0.00% Complete

   Last Hits:

Baldwin, Dirigible

Bates, Biplane

Bleriot, Monoplane

Chinese, Dirigible

Curtiss, Biplane

Farman, Biplane

Gleason-Robinson, Biplane

Knabenschue, Dirigible

Langler, Monoplane

Latham, Monoplane

Lefebvre, Biplane

Republique, Dirigible

Santo Dumont, Dirigible

Wright, Biplane

Zeppelin, Dirigible

   E43 American Caramels Circus Caramels - HAVES

   5/20 - 25% Complete

   Last Hits:

This is an unnumbered set without captions.  There really isn't a checklist that I could find.  I'll describe the cards as I pick them up.

- Clown balancing feather on nose

- Clown blowing bugle

- Clown holding wand

- Clown holding feather

- Blackface clown with watermelon

  1920's E47 American Caramel - Jockeys - WANTS

   1/20 - 5% Complete

    Last Hits:

Duke of Westminster – English

Sir F. Johnstone – English

Jas. Galway – American

T.W. Doswell – American

Sir J. Astley – English

Dwyer Bros. – American

Aug. Belmont – American

Ed. Corrigan – American

A.J. Cassatt – American

Earl of Zetland – English

Wm. Lakeland – American

Mrs. G.L. Lorillard – American

D.D. Withers – American

R.W. Walden – American

Pierre Rockford – American

Wm. Headrie – Canadian

Count Lehndorff – German

M.C.J. Lefevre – French

Prince D’Arenberg – French



    1954 World on Wheels - HAVES

    14/180 - 7% Complete

Last Hits: Sam Taylor, Doug DeJong, Linda Fitak x3, John Dahms, Mike Glasser

9 13 14 19 24 26 32 33 48 82 86 104 105 136


  1985 Garbage Pail Kids - Series 1 - WANTS

   81/88 -  92% Complete

Last Hits:

1a (Nasty Nick) 1b (Evil Eddie) 8a (Adam Bomb - Award) 8b (Blasted Billy - Checklist) 9b (Drunk Ken) 12b (Hairy Mary) 29b (Thin Lynn -Checklist) 


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