I have collected Prewar cards for many years now and only really focused on a few sets.  I've picked up several other type cards over the years too however.  So I decided to add page for just my Prewar Type Card collection.  If you can add anything I don't already have, then please let me know and maybe we can work something out.

          19th Century Trade Card

          1909 E101 Anonymous "Set of 50"

          1909 - 11 e90-1 American Caramel

          1909 - 11 T206 White Borders

          1909 - 13 M101-2 Sporting News Supplements

          1910 T212-2 Obak

          1911 T205 Gold Borders

          1911 T201 Double Folders

          1912 C46 Imperial Tobacco

          1912 Zeenut

          1912 - 13 T215 Red Cross Tobacco

          1914 T213-2 Coupon Cigarettes

          1914 B18 Blanket

          1917 Zeenut

          1920 W519-2 Strip Card

         1920 - 21 W516 Strip Card

          1923 W572

          1923 W515-2 Strip Card

          1927 W560 Strip Card

          1931 W517 Strip Card

          1933 Goudey Gum

          1934 Batter Up


          1936 WG8 S&S Game



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