Saginaw Gears IHL Hockey - Memorabilia/Ephemera:

I used to go to Saginaw Gears hockey games with my father as a child when I lived in Saginaw, MI and have always had a special place in my heart for the team.  A few years ago, I found my old pucks, some game used, and my brother's old pennant from back in the early 80's and I decided to start a collection of my own.  I look on eBay from time to time and have picked up several nice items through there over the years and have added several pieces from other collectors as well. 

I thought I would put this open ended want list here on my site in the very slim chance anyone who sees it might have some old Gears stuff laying around that they may be willing to part with.  I'm interested in anything from the team, pucks, pennants, programs, pocket schedules, etc.  PLEASE let me know if you have anything available!

Here is a jersey I was able to pick up in 2010.  It was worn by a former Gears player, Jim Johnston, during a tribute game of old Gears players that was played at a Saginaw Spirit hockey game a few years earlier.  The jerseys were sold in a silent auction at the game and I bought it from the guy who won it at that game.  It is signed on the back by Jim Johnston and it is one of my favorite pieces in my entire collection. 
















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